The Nordic Society of Endoscopic Gynaecology (NSGE) offers now a new opportunity for skills training in laparoscopy for trainees in OB/GYN. The NSGE laparoscopic surgery course offers skills training as well as lectures in relation to laparoscopic surgery.

The training will be organized in Denmark or one of the Nordic countries during 2023. Please notice that the course training level is intermediate. The target audience is OB/GYN trainees with basic experience in laparoscopy (2nd – 5th year of training).

All OB/GYN residents in the Nordic countries can apply for participation. Please notice that all participants are anticipated to be at a certain level of experience and therefore you will have to answer some questions in relation to your skills level before possible acceptance.

The course is free of charge.

If you want to apply, please contact Karin Berglöf: For further information please look at NSGE webpage:


Best regards

Martin Rudnicki
Odense, Denmark
The details of the course are described in the attached document